AOBot -

Unable to locate your HWID in the bot's debug window?
Find your HWID in the registry using this method.

If your server's version updates after maintenance,
please notify me by making a post here to expedite the process.

If the bot fails to inject, try these workarounds

Method 1

1) Run a clean client of 'Atlantica.exe' without the bot.

2) Allow the clean client to fully load to the login screen.

3) Once fully loaded, run 'AOBot.exe' and target 'Atlantica.exe'

4) Log into the second client (the one with the bot).

5) Once in the game, close the first clean client.

6) You can also start additional AOBot client's without any issues now.

Method 2

1) Download this modified bot package (password = aobot)

2) Extract the 'AOBot v2.75' folder anywhere other than the Atlantica install directory.

3) Run 'Xenos.exe' as Administrator.

4) Select 'Type: New' and navigate to 'Atlantica.exe'

5) Below, click 'Add' in the 'Images' box and navigate to 'sAgdMs20fxsL7nu1kmG4.dll'

6) Click 'Inject' to load the bot.

7) If you get the "WinLicense - An internal exception occured" error, don't click OK yet.

8) Press 'Inject' in the Xenos Injector again to load a second bot, then click OK on the first error.

Method 3

Different versions may offer more stability for your particular Atlantica server or Windows version.

Try using an older version if you experience stability issues (force-closures).



Valofe-AOR (Indonesia) - Active [661660]

Steam-AOS (Global) - Active [461660]

Valofe-AOV (Global) - Active [461660]

Steam-EU (Europe) - Active [360690]

Valofe-AOEU (Europe) - Active [360690]

Oceanic (Private) - Active [161480]

vFun/Ini3-AOTH (Thailand) - In-active [Can't update the game (did server shut-down?)]

DiGeam-AOTW (Taiwan) - Active [860200]

XIYOUXI-AOCN (China) - Active [760610]

Valofe-AOJP (Japan) - Active [260750]

Glorious (Private) - Active [161370]

mTrue (Private) - Active [161690]

- Maintenance service outage compensation -

[+19 hours have been added back to all subscribers for downtime.]


  • 3-day / 2-client free trial available - You will automatically receive 72 hours of free service with the ability to bot on two games simultaneously.
  • (Restart the bot after initial launch to receive the credit).
  • Speed hack - Allows you to kill & loot monsters up to 100x faster than normal.
  • The speed hack is 100% safe and undetected. It affects the entire game allowing you to do everything up to 100x faster (enchanting, dismantling, combining items or star stones, etc).
  • Auto-targets, attacks & kills nearest monsters with or without auto-battle points.
  • Bot in afk agro zones by disabling the monster targetting system.
  • Bot on skirmish maps with the 'Fight Action: Guard (G)' and 'Use Auto-Battle' options.
  • Casts skills on the main & mercenaries (customizable).
  • Customize attack order (main & mercenaries) for increased efficiency.
  • Various fight actions available - Main (Basic Attack), Skills (Q Only), Skills (Q/W/E/R/T), Guard (G), Wait (F), etc.
  • Guard (G) Spammer fight action - Forces the main to guard while mercenaries attack with AB or autonomous mode. The main will stop spamming (G) to collect lucky loot when needed.
  • Use Guard (G) Spammer with King Arthur's Sage Sword Excalibur, Vivian's earrings/bracelets, Magic Attack EXP [VII] skin bonus & a search robot for MASSIVE experience.
  • Skip first turn, then use [Q] skill on second turn for DS main fight action available.
  • Customizable action delay speed - Allows you to customize the speed at which the bot attacks & loots.
  • Anti-collision system (teleports back to monsters if it gets stuck).
  • Reload map feature allows you to automate the process of extending the timer in the Art Gallery, OT, or other maps indefinitely.
  • Anti-ban security system - Sound notification will play when whisper or trade is received. Put your own whisper.mp3 / trade.mp3 in root drive where AO is installed (ex. C:/) to customize.
  • Auto-looting with priority given to bonus & lucky loot.
  • Auto-heal & auto-mana after every fight.
  • Auto-revives dead mercenaries or full formation as needed.
  • Auto-use Exp. Concentration License.
  • Customizable auto-use any item in inventory or quickslot every 'x' minutes (up to 10 different items.)
  • Auto-use experience books while botting.
  • Auto-use "Guild Operation Textbook" every time willpower reaches 100% while botting.
  • Auto-casts Ancient Fury/Overdrive.
  • Auto-reset system - Teleports back to botting location in event of death / no monsters found.
  • Lock coordinates feature - Allows you to lock the location of your player to prevent moving further away than desired when fighting (distance based on coordinates/steps, customizable).
  • Party mode - Bot together in a party with your ALTs for faster grinding/powerleveling.
  • Built-in mouse/keyboard recorder macro tool - Allows you to automate anything in the game. Use this in conjunction with the 'Generic Speed Hack' to speed up all monotonous actions such as fusing star stones, dismantling, opening boxes, etc.
  • Auto-accepts monster information & player shared information.
  • Built-in favorite teleport system - Allows you to save and teleport to any location in the game, no teleportation license required.
  • Auto-move teleport hack - Allows you to teleport to any player, location or NPC in the game with a single click (keyboard hotkey: [End]).
  • Safe invisible client-side speed hack - Allows you to speed up battles and actions such as opening boxes, using exp books, dismantling, combining, vulcing, etc.
  • Auto right-click option - Automatically open boxes or use exp books.
  • Auto-level crafting option - Allows you to level up your crafting skills when you reach the exp cap.
  • Crafting grade detection hack - Allows you to see the grade of items you're crafting before completion.
  • Disable graphics option - Allows you to completely disable the graphics engine to save resources (beta feature, may be unstable).
  • Automated version checker - Notifies you when new bot updates are available for download.
  • Your subscription gives you access to use the bot across all AO servers (Global-Steam/NA/INT, EU, Gemscool, ini3, mTrue and Glorious Atlantica).
  • 100% safe and undetected - 24/7 stable operation.
  • Unlimited client support - Run multiple bots for an additional 5$ per client.
  • Non-intrusive operation - You can minimize all of the games/bots. They will continue to function in the background.
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • I've decided to phase out lifetime subscriptions with the release of AOBot v2 platform to continue supporting further development.
  • If you're a previous lifetime subscriber please contact me for a free 5-month subscription (75$ value) to the new v2 platform.

Additional features coming soon

  • Auto OT bot.
  • Auto-fishing bot.
  • Re-worked customizable fighting system will allow you to customize the exact action performed by each mercenary (Basic Attack, Guard, Wait, Q, W, E ,R, T).
  • Depending on which magic skill is being cast, the bot will automatically target the best region of monsters to inflict most efficient damage.
  • Arena betting analyzer A.I. will improve over time by harvesting information from all bot subscribers to a global database (experimental).
  • Auto market (buy low/sell high) A.I. bot will improve over time by harvesting information from all bot subscribers to a global database (experimental).
  • Auto-use awakening scroll when combo count reaches 'x' to remove combo count.
  • Auto skill level up bot - Will auto craft / open boxes / dismantle and level up craft skills.
  • Black market system - buy/sell/trade items & gold safely amongst other bot subscribers.
  • Treasure map bot will activate, teleport-to & collect treasure map loot.
  • Bitcoin/gold/item dueling/staking between bot subscribers.
  • Private buy-in tournaments with prizes.
  • Auto-use auto-battle replenish scroll.
  • Auto Daily quests bot.
  • Auto MyHome feast.
  • Auto-guild crafting while botting.
  • Custom player scripting engine.
  • Customizable auto-use title sequence.
  • Auto-use anti-stun scroll.
  • Various other cool features that will not be publicly announced.

Send me suggestions for other features and improvements you'd like to see in future releases!

I developed this bot to function as close as possible to natural gameplay. The bot itself is 100% safe & undetectable. That being said, please keep in mind that there is always a risk of getting banned if another player reports you. If you wish to play it safe, use the bot on secondary accounts. Keep gold and all valuable items on a safe account.

I take no responsibility from any losses you may incur from the use of this software.

AOBot User Interface

Automatic 3-day free trial available, try it now!
You will automatically receive 72 hours of free service with the ability to bot on two games simultaneously upon starting the bot.
(If your service hours show 0:0:0 restart the bot to receive the credit.)

Single universal file, works on all servers:
Rebirth (ID), Steam (Global/EU), International (NA), AOEU,
ini3 (TH), DiGeam (TW), XIYOUXI (CN), Japan (JP) & Atlantica Oceanic

Download AOBot v2.78
(password = aobot)

*Note to players using the Steam (Global/Europe) client*
If the bot instantly closes upon injection, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
1) Open the Steam launcher and go to File -> Exit.
2) Reload the Steam launcher but DO NOT click 'Play.'
3) Open 'AOBot.exe' and target 'Atlantica.exe.'
The bot will log in to steam automatically.

'Atlantica.exe' is located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Atlantica Global

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Atlantica Europe

*Note to Oceanic players*
If you experience the WinLicense error:
Leave the error box opened and start a second bot.
Once the second bot fully loads, click OK to close the error box.

Installation Instructions

Extract AOBot.exe anywhere (except the Atlantica install directory, DO NOT put it there.)
    (the password to '' is aobot)

Run 'AOBot.exe', you will be presented with a file explorer window.

3) Navigate to your Atlantica Online install directory and open 'Atlantica.exe'.

Global-Steam users, the install directory is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Atlantica Global

Oceanic users, if you experience the WinLicense error:

Leave the error box opened and start a second bot.
Once the second bot fully loads, click OK to close the error box.

You will automatically get a 3 day free trial upon first launch.

If 'Time of Bot Usage Left' shows 00:00:00 or 'Server Version' shows 0:

Try restarting the bot several times. If the issue continues, contact me on WhatsApp or Discord.

If you get the error(s): Cannot find 'd3dx9_42.dll / d3dx9_43.dll / vcruntime140.dll',

extract the missing file(s) located in '' to your Atlantica install directory and try again.

If Windows Defender or a third party anti-virus/anti-malware tool detects the bot as a virus,

Navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and sort by date modified.

You will see a randomly generated .DLL file with a long filename (ex. "sAgdMs20fxsL7nu1kmG4.dll")

Exclude this .DLL file as well as AOBot.exe from Widows Defender or your third party anti-virus/anti-malware tool.

4) The bot needs to have the correct Heal, Mana, Life Potion & Water of Life quickslot keys set up to properly function.

Click on the the 'Keys' tab in the bots menu.

Set the proper [F1 - F10] keys to match to the locations of the items in the games quickslot menu.

5) Move to an area where you want to bot and click 'Start Bot'.

Read the 'README.txt' and 'version changes.txt' files for full documentation.


20$ - (2) clients/tabs + (32) service days
25$ - (3) clients/tabs + (33) service days
30$ - (4) clients/tabs + (34) service days
35$ - (5) clients/tabs + (35) service days
40$ - (6) clients/tabs + (36) service days
45$ - (7) clients/tabs + (37) service days
50$ - (8) clients/tabs + (38) service days
55$ - (9) clients/tabs + (39) service days
  60$ - (10) clients/tabs + (40) service days
(add +5$ per additional (1) client/tab + (1) service day thereafter, no limit.)

Upgrade your client limit anytime with the difference in price. ¹
Use your subscription on any computer, or across multiple computers if needed. ²

¹ Previous service days subject to re-calculation at new tier price.
² You can utilize your subscription across multiple computers at home or at work, school, a friends' house, etc (more info).

Loyal Subscriber Bonus

(1st) month = (32) service days
(2nd) month = (33) service days
(3rd) month = (34) service days
(4th) month = (35) service days
each month thereafter = (35) service days ¹

¹ Loyal subscribers will receive bonus days each month, up to a maximum of (35) service days per month.
To maintain your loyal subscriber status, renew your subscription no more than 7 days from your last day of service.
Loyal subscriber bonus days stack with the additional client bonus days and the "Sending to a friend" PayPal bonus days as well!

Subscribe Anytime

Please send payments to PayPal email:

Include your HWID and your contact info (Discord, WhatsApp or Skype) in the PayPal note.

How to find your HWID

I will credit the service days to your HWID as soon as I am online.

Customers using PayPal's 'Sending to a friend' option (see image below)
will receive an additional (+3) bonus days of service.

How to send a Friends payment on PayPal

Indonesian Clients

If you do not have PayPal you can still order a subscription using

Dompet PayPal provide a fast, safe and easy solution to order subscriptions using BCA, OVO, DANA, mandiri, BNI, BANK BRI or LinkAja.

Contact dompetpaypal on WhatsApp: +62 895-3064-0220
Provide them with my PayPal email:
Instruct them to include your HWID and your contact info (Discord, WhatsApp or Skype) in the PayPal note.
I will credit the service days to your HWID as soon as I am online.

DO NOT ask dompetpaypal to use the 'Sending to a friend' option!
The fee to send a friends payment from Indonesia is very high and will heavily outweigh any bonus service days.

Notify me on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype if you used to make a payment.

WhatsApp: +1 (929) 324-0148

Clientes Brasileiros

Se você não tiver uma conta do PayPal, poderá pagar pela assinatura usando Boleto Bancário.
Há uma pequena taxa adicional de aproximadamente R$5.50~ associada à transação.

Entre em contato comigo por meio de qualquer um dos métodos listados abaixo para que eu possa enviar a você um código de Boleto Bancário gerado.

WhatsApp: +1 (929) 324-0148

Troubleshooting \ Common Issues

Issue: I got a new computer / re-installed Windows and my HWID has changed.

Issue: I purchased a subscription with several clients and I want to run the bots on multiple computers separately.

Issue: I want to use my subscription service at work, when traveling or at a friends house.

Solution: Your subscription is not locked to your computer. You can always change / match the HWID on any computer to your original (current) subscriptions' HWID and continue using your service. To do this, follow the steps in the image below.

Please note, while you are allowed to use your subscription from any computer or location; you can only do so individually.
For example, if your current subscription supports (2) clients, you will not be able to leave one bot running at home and start a second bot at work.
The bots' security system requires that all connected clients share the same IP address while in operation.

How to change / match your HWID

Issue: I get the error message "Cannot find 'd3dx9_42.dll / d3dx9_43.dll'. Please, re-install this application".

Solution: Extract the missing 'd3dx9_42.dll / d3dx9_43.dll' file(s) located in '' into your Atlantica install directory. If that does not solve the issue, download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One package.

Issue: I get the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application".

Solution: Your anti-virus/anti-malware software is preventing the bot from injecting into Atlantica.exe. To resolve it, exclude 'd3d9.dll' and 'Atlantica.exe' within Windows security settings and/or within the settings of your anti-virus/anti-malware software.

Issue: I installed the bot file (d3d9.dll) into my Atlantica folder but upon starting the game the bot is not loading.

Solution: Your anti-virus/anti-malware software has deleted 'd3d9.dll'. To resolve it, first replace 'd3d9.dll' into your Atlantica install directory. Then, exclude 'd3d9.dll' and 'Atlantica.exe' within Windows security settings and/or within the settings of your anti-virus/anti-malware software before starting the game.

Issue: In the debug console I get the message "Illegal activity detected! - Multiple users are using the same HWID" and the bot becomes inoperable.

Solution: The bots' security system requires that your IP address remains static at all times (does not change). You may experience this issue if you use a mobile hotspot for connectivity, if your internet provider uses dynamic IP addressing, or if someone else is illegally using your HWID. To resolve the issue, first determine whether you have a static (unchanging) or dynamic (changing) IP address. Go to and monitor your IP address over time. If your IP address is dynamic (changes every few minutes/hours) then you will need to change to another internet connection with a static IP address or contact your internet service provider and request to be provided with a static IP address. Inform them that the nature of business which you conduct online requires an unchanging static IP address. If your IP address is static (never changes), then someone else is illegally using your HWID. Contact me on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype for me to transfer your subscription service to another HWID.

Issue: I want to get the 3 day free trial but in the debug console I get the message "Illegal activity detected! - You already had a free trial in the past."

Solution: If you've ever used my bot in the past 3 years you will get this message. If you did not get to test my new v2 bot, please contact me on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype and I will add the 3 day free trial manually.

Issue: I'm want to run multiple bots but in the debug console I get the message "Client limit exceeded! Your current subscription only supports botting on ("#") clients simultaneously."

Solution: Your current subscription plan does not support running additional bots. Consider upgrading your subscription plan to support additional clients (pricing info).

Issue: I want to run one bot on one game client while playing a second game client without the bot. I can't do that because in debug console I get the message "Client limit exceeded! Your current subscription only supports botting on ("#") clients simultaneously."

Solution: To resolve this, run the first game client while having the bot file 'd3d9.dll' installed in your Atlantica install directory. Then, either rename 'd3d9.dll' to something else (ex. 'd3d9.dll2') or move 'd3d9.dll' out of your Atlantica install directory. Now you can start a second client and it will not conflict with the bots' security system.

Issue: My player will not return back to the saved location after death. The player simply stands in town and clicks to a random direction every few seconds.

Solution: The bot is detecting a nearby NPC as an attackable monster. To resolve this, figure out which nearby NPC the bot is trying to target and add it to the 'Filters' tab list (example).

Issue: I installed your bot file (d3d9.dll) into my Atlantica folder and now the game crashes instantly and won't start!

Solution: This is a common but harmless issue among some users. You may also experience this issue after certain maintenance patches. To resolve it, just keep restarting Atlantica.exe. After the game crashes once or twice, the bot will self-correct itself in memory and stop crashing. If that does not help, please contact me on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype for assistance.

Issue: The bot's debug mode command prompt terminal displays that "The program can't connect to internet, Hardware ID is disabled" or "Failed to download definitions, Please reload bot". The [Game Version: ######] is showing, but the [Server Version: ]' is blank.

Solution: This may occur in the rare event that my server is offline or in maintenance. Please go to, if the web page fails to load, my server is current offline. If the web page loads successfully, you have an issue with your firewall, anti-virus or router. Most likely, it is the router that is blocking the bot from establishing connection with my server. Try resetting your router, if that does not help login to your router settings page ( and exclude my server IP from the router's firewall. If you need additional help, please contact me.

Issue: I get error message: "Cannot find 'VCRUNTIME140.dll'. Please, re-install this application".

Solution: You need to download this file and extract 'vcruntime140.dll' into your Atlantica install directory. If that does not fix the issue, you need to download this file and install it.

Issue: I get error message: "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Solution: Run Windows Updater to solve this issue. If you are unable to run windows updater for whatever reason then ONLY as a last resort, download this pack and extract all of the files to your Atlantica install directory. This will fix the bot but it will be glitchy, it is recommended to fix this error the proper way by installing the latest Windows Updates.

Issue: The bots control panel / GUI interface is off-center (to the left or right) preventing me from using some features.

Solution: The Windows taskbar's position is conflicting with the bots interface. Move the Windows taskbar to the bottom of the screen and reload the bot to resolve the issue. You may move the taskbar back to your preferred location once all bots are loaded (example).

If you are getting any other errors, or just need help installing the bot,
Contact me on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype. I will help you via Teamviewer.