Bot Features:

Targets, attacks and kills the nearest monster with or without auto-battle points (customizable). You may also disable the monster targeting feature to strictly bot in afk agro zones.

Casts (Q/W/E/R/T) skills on the main and mercenaries.

Collision detection (the bot will never get stuck in objects).

Auto-loots all drops with lucky loot prioritization.

Replenishes HP and MP as needed (customizable).

Revives dead mercenaries or full formation as needed (customizable).

Auto-casts Ancient Fury/Overdrive.

Auto-teleports back to initial starting location in the event of death or if your character walks away from the monsters.

Party mode feature allows you to fight together with your ALTs for faster grinding/powerleveling (see image for setup instructions).

Auto accepts monster information obtained during fights as well as if shared by players (customizable).

Built-in favorite teleports list allows you to save and teleport to any location in the game (customizable). No teleportation license is required.

Auto-move teleport feature allows you to teleport to any player, location or NPC in the game with a single click. You don't need to add the players as friends and no teleportation license is required.

Safe invisible client-side speed hack allows you to speed up battles as well as other actions such as opening boxes, using exp books, dismantling, combining, vulcing, etc. (customizable, only works on certain servers).

Auto right-click feature allows you to open boxes or use exp books with ease. Put the item in inventory position #1 and enable 'Auto Click Inventory Slot# 1' on the 'Auto use' tab.

Auto-level up all crafting skills when exp cap is reached from anywhere in the game.

Personal and home craft grade detection hack allows you to see the grade of item(s) you're crafting before spending willpower or time grinding to complete it.

Added an option to toggle speedhack without having to press 'Start Bot'. Enable 'Generic SpeedHack' under the 'AB/Speed' tab. Now you can use it to walk, open boxes, combine star stones, dismantle items, vulc faster, etc.

Automated version check. When the bot is updated with new features you will be notified in the console and a direct download link will be available on the 'Login' tab.

Your subscription gives you access to use the bot across all AO servers (Global-Steam/NA/INT, EU, Gemscool, ini3, mTrue and Glorious Atlantica).

100% safe and undetected, 24/7 stable operation.

Run up to 5 bots per subscription/PC.

You can minimize all of the games and bots, they will continue to function.

Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

To continue supporting development of the bot, I've decided to phase out lifetime subscriptions with the release of AOBot v2.0

If you're a previous lifetime subscriber and wish to upgrade, please contact me for a free 5-month subscription to the new AOBot v2.0

Additional features coming soon for the new v2.0 platform:

New customizable fighting actions that will allow you to customize the exact action performed by each mercenary (basic attack, guard, wait, Q, W, E ,R magic).

Customizable attacking order to increase efficiency.

Depending on which magic skill is being cast, the bot will automatically target the best region of monsters to inflict most efficient damage.

Auto-use awakening scroll when combo count reaches 'x' to remove combo count.

Auto-use auto-battle replenish scroll.

Customizable auto-use items (such as concentration license, friendship candy, exp books, etc).

Customizable auto-use titles.

Anti-ban / bot hunter protection.

Various other cool features that will not be publicly announced.

Feel free to send me suggestions for other features and improvements that you'd like to see in future releases.


There is a small risk of getting banned if another player records a video of you botting and sends it to customer service.

If you do get banned, there is the a good possibility that your first offence will only be a temporary ban (1-7 days).

If you wish to play it safe, only use the bot on alt accounts. Keep gold and all valuable items on a safe account.

Use the bot at your own risk.

3-day free trial available upon request, contact me on Skype, WhatsApp or Discord.

Single universal file works on all servers
Global-Steam/NA/INT, EU, Gemscool, ini3, mTrue and Glorious Atlantica

Download the latest AOBot v2.20 here!

*Note to Global (Steam) users*
Place the d3d9.dll file into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Atlantica Global

*Note to Glorious Atlantica users*
You also need to replace your 'Atlantica.exe' file to use the bot,
Download the old Glorious Atlantica.exe

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Pricing and payment information

[1 month = 31 service days]

$15/month - 1 client limit per HWID
$20/month - 2 client limit per HWID
$25/month - 3 client limit per HWID
$30/month - 4 client limit per HWID
$35/month - 5 client limit per HWID

You may upgrade your client limit anytime with the difference in price.
If you need to run more than 5 bots, you will need to purchase a seperate subscription for each additional computer.

- Subscribe anytime -

Please send payment to PayPal email:

If you send the payment using PayPal's 'Sending to a friend' option (see image below)

I will add an additional 5 service days per month (36 days/month).

Please remember to include your HWID in the PayPal note.

I will credit the service days to your HWID as soon as I am online.

Indonesian clients:

If you do not have PayPal you can pay for the subscription using

They can accept BCA, OVO, DANA, mandiri, BNI, BANK BRI or LinkAja. charge a reasonable service fee of 5%~

I will cover this fee in full with additional service days!

Provide them with my PayPal email: and please remember to inform them to include your HWID and contact information (Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, email, etc) in the PayPal note.

I will add your subscription to your HWID as soon as I am online.

Please notify me of your payment on Discord, WhatsApp or Skype if you use (sometimes they forget to add the PayPal note!)


WhatsApp: +1 (929) 324-0148



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Installation Instructions:

First, I need your HWID so that I can give you a 3-day free trial.